How to Brush Your Beard

How to Brush Your Beard

November 15, 2016

There are many benefits to brushing your beard.  Daily brushing will be a starting step at enhancing the look of your beard.  It will not only look smoother, you will be able to see the shape and thus can trim to your liking.  Brushing also gives the beard a little direction on which way to grow.  Needing some help in the trimming department, head over to a barbershop, such as Tommy Gun's Barbershop located across Canada.  

Chin Whiskers knows how important using the right brush is and we carry the KENT beard brush to do the job.

Why use a special brush?  The KENT beard brush has bristles of different lengths to get at all of the hairs.  You may have heard your significant other talking about split ends on her head, but did you know your beard can get split ends?  Using a proper brush reduces split ends.  Split ends are not a good look.

Brush in one direction and then oil up with either our oil or balm.  Best time is after your shower on towel dried hair.  

Brush once a day.  Oil up once to twice or three times a day.  Think of it as your hair cologne doing double duty.

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